Avoid these missteps when charged with a Criminal or Traffic charge in Ocean City Maryland

1) Representing yourself in court without a thorough legal review by attorney Brian H. Clark to analyze if the case was charged correctly and can be proven.
2) Taking the advice of the police officer or friends who wrongly advised you to just contact the State’s Attorney’s Office yourself to attempt to resolve the case or waste hours in court waiting for your case to be heard. This removes your ability to fight the charge and follow through with the assistance of a lawyer in getting your case expunged at the correct time.
3) Hiring a lawyer who does not know the tendencies of the police officers, business owners/employees and prosecutors involved in these cases on a daily basis.
4) Hiring a lawyer who practices in another far away jurisdiction in Maryland who is willing to drive to Ocean City from hours away without being on the scene daily to investigate your case.

Brian H. Clark has handled these cases in Ocean City consistently for a decade. He resides inside Ocean City during the summer season and knows the city inside and out having spent the formative years of his life growing up here and living here year round.