Ocean City Fake/ Fictitious ID Lawyer



The summer season in Ocean City brings strong enforcement of Fake ID laws. Many of the cases stem from underage high school and college students seeking to enter popular and crowded clubs and bars in Ocean City. These cases can have unanticipated consequences, and it is important that they are handled properly from the beginning. These cases need the assistance of lawyer Brian H. Clark and his unparalleled knowledge of the Ocean City community. There are legal defenses that need to be explored. Many of these citations are issued as traffic tickets even though you were just standing in line. The penalties on these citations can result in 12 points, 60 days in jail and suspension of your driving privileges. As well, a conviction can result in the Maryland MVA contacting your home state and having it affect your driving license at home or school. Nobody wants a traffic or criminal offense on their record that involves the words “fake or fictitious “. Brian H. Clark will assist you in avoiding a conviction, getting your record expunged or winning your case. The State’s Attorney’s Office has tightened up on these cases over the last 5 years and are less likely to offer community service to dismiss the case or allow your attorney to appear without you. Don’t try to handle this charge alone.

Section 16-301 of the Transportation Article

  1. Use a false or fictitious name
  2. Knowingly make a false statement
  3. Knowingly conceal a material fact
  4. Or otherwise commit fraud—most are N/A
  • f) Display a fictitious license – A person may not display, cause or permit to be displayed any fictitious license.
  • g) Display of fraudulently altered license. – A person may not display, cause or permit it to be displayed, any fraudulently altered license.
  • h) N/A
  • i) N/A
  • j) Possession of a fictitious license –A person may not possess a fictitious license.
  • k) Possession of fraudulently altered license – A person may not possess any fraudulently altered license.
  • l) Loaning license – A person may not lend his license to any other person or knowingly permit the use of his license by another.
  • m) Display or representation of license not one’s own – A person may not lend his license to any other person or knowingly permit the use of his license by another.
  • n) N/A
  • o) Permitting unlawful use of license – A person many not permit any unlawful use of a license issued to him.
  • p) Prohibited acts. – A person may not do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required by this title.