Ocean City Theft Lawyer

Theft cases run the gamut and may include shoplifting, employee thefts, running out on a restaurant tab, or the theft of the personal property of a stranger or friend. Unlike some states, the offense is a must appear citation and cannot be resolved by simply paying a fine like neighboring states.

Theft is taken seriously in and around Ocean City and it helps to have an experienced Ocean City attorney like Brian H. Clark to immediately work on your case. Brian has handled numerous theft cases, working with clients to explore potential defenses and the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense. Brian has gone above and beyond the call of duty to work with clients and alleged victims to pursue amends in advance of the court hearing. He resides in Ocean City during the busy season and can immediately document, investigate and interview the relevant parties involved.

There are multiple laws in the Criminal Law Article of the Maryland Code that prohibit different types of theft in Ocean City:

  • Maryland Code Section 7-104 prohibits general theft offenses.
  • Section 7-105 prohibits motor vehicle theft.
  • Separate laws govern theft of electronic and telecommunications information.

The general offense of theft includes any attempt to willfully and knowingly deprive the rightful owner of the value of his or her property.  This can include taking property; concealing or abandoning property; failing to make attempts to return lost or mislaid property to a rightful owner; or possessing property with knowledge that it is stolen.

Prohibitions against theft also extend to theft of services, as Section 7-104 prohibits obtaining services available for compensation without paying or permission.

Ocean City Theft Penalties

  • The value of the items taken determines whether theft is a misdemeanor or felony offense.
  • Theft of items valued at less than $100 is a misdemeanor with a possible penalty of 90 days’ jail time and $500 in fines (with increases after a first offense).
  • Theft of items valued at between $100 and $1,500 is a misdemeanor with a possible penalty of 180 days jail time and $500 fine (with increases after first offense)
  • Theft of items valued at between $1,500 and $25,000 is a felony with a possible penalty of 10 years and a possible fine of up to $15,000.
  • Theft of items valued at above $100,000 is a felony with a potential penalty of $25,000 and 20 years imprisonment.