Ocean City Indecent Exposure

In the Ocean City area particularly and throughout Maryland, the charge of indecent exposure is quite common and needs to be addressed with your attorney immediately. Nobody wants this charge or any charge to remain on their permanent record. Employers and the general public view this charge and theft charges as very serious misdemeanors. Attorney Brian H. Clark has successfully defended these charges for countless defendants over the last decade on a regular basis. The facts need to be analyzed, the witnesses need to be scrutinized and the proper application of the law must be conveyed to the prosecutor, police officer, witnesses and the judge.

A charge of indecent exposure might involve someone urinating in public and a member of the police or public views their private parts. It could involve a late night romantic rendezvous on the beach between consenting adults that is unexpectedly viewed by others. Attorney Clark has represented run of the mill indecent exposure cases that were ultimately dropped or reduced to another less stigmatized charge. He has won indecent exposure cases.

The Court of Appeals of Maryland has determined that the common law offense of indecent exposure requires:

1) A willful exposure, observed by one or more casual observers who did not expect, plan or forsee the exposure and were offended by it.

2) Willful means “deliberate, conscious, premeditated exposure that any reasonable man would know people could see.

3) Casual observer is someone who could not foresee the exposure and was offended by it.

Brian has the advantage of speed and unsurpassed knowledge to get to the bottom of what occurred in any case. Indecent Exposure Maximum Penalties (1) 3 years in prison and $1000 fine or both