Frequently Asked Questions about Worcester County Traffic Offenses:

What to do if I receive a payable ticket?

In Maryland, when a driver receives a payable traffic citation there are 3 possible responses you can deliver to the District Court.   The first response is to plead guilty and pay the pre-identified fine amount. This response results in a conviction and points will be assessed to your record if they apply. The second response is to plead guilty and come to court to ask for leniency from the judge. A driver who elects this option has the case placed on the disposition docket.  The police officer is not required to appear in court and you get no benefits if the officer is absent.  The last response and often the smartest one is to request a trial. This will require the officer to appear and you can have your lawyer represent you in gaining a dismissal, reduction in points, or a not guilty result through a trial. The pre-identified fine amounts no longer apply and the judge is free to increase or lower the fines . These options are all listed on the traffic citation and there are penalties for failing to respond within 30 days, which include a suspension of your driving privileges. 

What happens if I get points on my record?

If a driver accumulates three to four points, the Maryland MVA will issue a warning letter through the mail. The warning states that further measures will occur if another conviction occurs.

If a driver accumulates five to seven points, he or she is required to enroll in and complete a driver improvement program. These programs cost a fee and are offered by private companies throughout the state.

If a driver accumulates eight to 11 points, he or she will receive a notice of suspension. If a driver accumulates 12 points or more, the driver will receive a notice of revocation. Consult attorney Brian H. Clark to discuss your options in having an MVA hearing to contest or modify any penalties. 

If you have any further questions not addressed here or in need of a criminal defense attorney please contact us.