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Advice if Arrested

Advice if Arrested

If you do not yet have an experienced attorney, it is vital that you DO NOT answer any questions. It is your constitutional right to remain silent, and anything you say will be used against you by prosecutors and the police. Remember that they are trying to win their cases, so even if you have a good explanation or think you have a defense, DO NOT give law enforcement any information that they will use to make their case. Don't fall prey to inducements about "helping yourself" or "clearing this up" and speak about things that will lead you to making a bad situation worse.

We understand that it is a natural human reaction to always want to explain your circumstances and hope that things will work themselves out or result in being released or treated with leniency. We always encourage you to be polite with all contact with the police. However, even answering the most simple questions can severely hurt your ability to mount an effective defense.  As well, you should always refuse all searches of your person or home without a valid search warrant. Even if you feel that the police will eventually get a warrant or search without your consent or find  probable cause, you give up your ability to challenge the legality of a search if you verbally agreed to it. Politely state that you are refusing all searches on the advice of counsel and leave it at that.


Whether you hire Brian H.Clark or another attorney, you MUST get a lawyer as soon as possible.You should rely on the expertise of a private attorney and never attempt to represent yourself in court.

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