MVA Medical Board

MVA Medical Board


The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is comprised of physicians and optometrists and is a branch of the MVA. The MVA may refer a licensee or a person applying for a driving privilege or reinstatement of a driving privilege to the MAB for evaluation if they believe the driving of a vehicle by that person would be contrary to public safety and welfare because of an existing or suspected mental or physical condition. Conditions subject to evaluation by the MAB include alcoholism, alcohol abuse and drug addiction, as well as illnesses causing a lapse of consciousness, stroke or heart disease. The MAB has the authority to deny you a driving privilege, restrict your privilege, or suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

When given a referral to the MAB, you may be required to attend a hearing or complete comprehensive medical/health questionnaire forms. It is imperative that you obtain the guidance of an experienced attorney to assist you in this process and protect your driving privilege. We possess the extensive experience and knowledge you require to clear the MAB process and retain your driving privileges.

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