Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ocean City, MD

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ocean City, MD


Are you looking for the best criminal defense lawyer in Ocean City, Maryland? Meet Brian H. Clark, criminal, DUI & DWI defense attorney in the Ocean City, MD area. Whether you’re visiting from out of state or live in the area, trust BHC Law to handle your case with extensive knowledge, experience, and professionalism. 

The outcome of your case can be largely dependent on having the right criminal defense attorney by your side. Read on to see why Brian Clark can be the best lawyer for your situation.

How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Relevant Experience: You want to choose an attorney that has extensive experience working in the area where you were charged, and experience with the charges you’re facing.  

  • Brian Clark focuses exclusively on the Ocean City, MD area with professional experience in thousands of arrests that involve trespassing, assault, disorderly conduct, DUI/DWI, resisting arrest, and more. 
  • Brian has extensive knowledge of the landscape in Ocean City, MD, strong familiarity with local business owners, police officers, and the participants and staff in the courthouses.
  • His clients have come from all walks of life including a large number of out-of-state visitors who were charged with minor or major charges while on vacation. 
  • Attorney Clark also handles a sizeable portion of cases for Maryland residents who reside nearby or in the D.C or Baltimore region.

Dedication: Cases can be long and tiresome to work through. You want to ensure that your attorney is dedicated to professionalism and unparalleled customer service while successfully managing your case.

  • To deliver the best service and the quickest response possible for those arrested, Brian resides inside Ocean City, MD near the courthouse daily during the summer months and for a good portion of the off-season.
  • A dedicated and local criminal lawyer can interview witnesses, visit the scene, or obtain crucial videos in a timely fashion because they are in town daily. This is important because sometimes a case can be dismissed if the information is obtained immediately in the hours and days after the arrest. 
  • On top of handling the ins and outs of your case, Brian will counsel you on the effects of your charges in relation to your employment and how they pertain to your driving privileges to keep you informed. 

Referrals and Research: It is always a good idea to see what former clients have to say about their experience with the defense attorney and conduct research on your own. 

  • Any lawyer you consider hiring should be able to provide you with their private cell phone number, have a strong showing of positive reviews on the web, and reside nearby on a daily basis to permit quick access to the courts and jail to secure your release if you are detained.
  • Ocean City, MD criminal lawyer Brian Clark is known for his tireless work ethic, accessibility at all hours, and legal and social knowledge of the Ocean City, MD area. You will not be hurried or rushed out of court. 
  • View reviews from former clients of Brian Clark.

Ultimately, this is your battle to fight, and you need the right lawyer by your side to win. For an experienced criminal defense lawyer, trust Attorney Brian H. Clark with successful legal services and dedication to manage your case. For a complimentary evaluation, contact us today!

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