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Preparation plus experience equals results to be proud of

A client coming to a defense attorney needs to be assured that their attorney safeguards the attorney-client relationship and reveals no communications expressed between the parties without their permission. Our office is proud when previous clients refer us new clients.  We view it as an affirmation of a job well done. In the DUI and Criminal Defense field, clients are  coming to our office during an emotionally volatile and often, confusing time period in their lives.

Entrusting the Law Office of Brian H.Clark, LLC with protecting your legal rights and defending your liberty interests is a duty we take very seriously and work very hard at .  While no lawyer can  ethically guarantee a result in a case, we can guarantee that your case will get the attention it deserves by an attorney who cares about doing great work . If we decide not to handle your case, then we will point you in the direction of someone who may be better suited for you. You will likely feel much better at the end of the process when this is all behind you. We are not " low fee" lawyers who charge a small fee to run into Cout and plead you guilty and fail to return your phone calls down the road. Good lawyers are not cheap and cheap lawyers are not good.

Our office is proud to show you evidence of recent clients who have had their charges dismissed or were found NOT GUILTY of a DUI or Criminal matter due to a successful trial outcome by attorney Brian H. Clark, Esq.



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